Quick Mobile News Bits and CES Expectations

Here's a couple of mobile news bits to keep in mind as we enter the new year.

The CES, Consumer Electrontics Show, in Las Vegas is merely a few weeks away.  For those of us who didn't find this year's mobile gear offerings too compelling, 2009 should be pretty good. 
Word on the street is that Palm will finally make a serious effort to retake the mobile market it once dominated with a new mobile platform and devices.  Also, it helped that they received an $100 million cash infusion that should sustain them.  Boy, this Cobolt thing better be good.

RIM also got in on a bit of news last week by announcing a great quarter.  I think they've regain their footing.  Watching out, folks.  And by folks, I mean Microsoft, Google, and others. 

Then there's Android news.  New features.  For sure new phones in 2009.  G2, G3...you get the idea.  I do wonder if Android will break out and get into the netbook market. 

Certainly Sony is getting into the hype and secrecy business with a new Vaio.  Folks seem to believe it's a netbook.  The only reason I'm putting this bit of info on Onxo is that it's not a rumor.  However, your speculation is just as good as anyone's at this point.  Netbook, Viao tablet (I hope!), or something totally different.  I'm hoping for a Viao with PSP capability.  And since I just mentioned it, I know that it'll never happen. 

We're likey to more information trickle out in the next couple of weeks leading up to CES.  With Macworld seemingly dead (largely because Steve Jobs will not be the keynote speaker), more attention should be on mobile offerings from other tech companies.



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