Quick Thought On Mobile Gaming - Those clouds over the horizon may mean war

Over at On Apple, we find out that Konami is about to back up Apple's assertion that the iPlatform (iPhone, iPod Touch) is a serious gaming platform with 4 new games.  All legacy titles. 

Now, I don't know if Nintendo or Sony is quaking in their boots (I don't think they wear boots though) about Apple.  I doubt it.  Not yet anyway.

However, there have been rumors about PSP2.  Engadget just sort of poured some cold water on that talk.  Still, we know it's gotta be coming.  We just don't know if it'll be PSP2 or PSPhone, or both.  Okay we do.  But I have to wonder just how cool it'll be if it is the PSPhone instead of just PSP2. 

And how about Nintendo?  With DSi, Nintendo added features to the system beyond just gaming.  It sure took its time doing it but I'm sure more non-gaming features are due out.  And we also have to wonder if Nintendo will becoming out with a DSphone or it's happy with DSw (widescreen - I made it up just now).

Who else is left?  Redmond.  Zunephone is coming.  It's a matter of time.  And you're saying it's gotta have gaming too.  We agree.  Microsoft will be a bit more interesting.  It's got Zune, Xbox, and Windows Mobile.  It'll have to figure out how to balance between competing with Apple on the entertainment as well as the enterprise front. 

I'll get into the dynamics of a gaming war between these four later but one thing is for sure, the entrenched players, Nintendo and Sony, have a lot going for them but Apple and, possibly, Microsoft aren't folks you just brush aside.

Source:  Engadget


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