Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sony's Netbook Game Changer?

A couple of days ago, we posted a wireless briefing on what's going on this week.  One of the notes we posted was about Sony's secret answer to the netbook.

Through and accident or otherwise, some information are now out.  Keep in mind that we don't have the compete picture just yet.  However, given what we've read online, this is quite something.

It remains what the rest of the missing information are.  Price, availability, battery life, and overall mobility performance.

  • Two models
  • 9.5" by 4.5".  To give everyone a bit of a perspective, the 
  • High speed wireless access - 3G, Wi-Fi
  • 8" Screen with 1600x768 LED - this is very good.  By comparison, most netbooks offer 1024 by 600.  We're talking about almost twice the number of pixels.
  • 1.33Ghz Intel chip - could be a slower Atom.
  • 60GB hard drive - 128GB SSD for the rich.
Of course, two very important details were left out:  price and battery life.  Over at On Apple, I've offered my opinions and gusstimation on what Apple's netbook solution is going to be.  Obviously, Sony has its own idea here.  Both Apple and Sony consider themselves to be the BMW and Mercedes of the computer industry respectively (or Mercedes and BMW...).  Obviously, my idea and Sony's netbook soluion here will allow both companies to command a premium and still compete on some level with the netbooks.

We'll know in January, possibly CES what Sony has cooked up for us.

Source:  Electronista

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