Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wide-Spread SSD Deployment in 2009?

While many of us who watch Steve Jobs and Apple, among other companies and mobile characters, mourn the passing of an annual event where Mac faithfuls gather in SF for the Macworld keynote, it was at Macworld 2008 that Steve introduced to us the Macbook Air with a 64GB of SSD as its main storage.

Now, Apple is by no means the first company to put an SSD in its laptops.  XO and EEE PC all came out with SSD as their storage.  I think even Dell also had SSD options for its laptop lines.

Then 32GB and 64GB.  The 64GB option from Apple originally cost $1000.  Today, Apple is offering the 128GB option for $500.  Half the price and double the storage.  Now, Toshiba is offering a 512GB SSD option with 240MB a sec read and 200MB a sec write.  Oh, did I mention that its suppose to last over a hundred years?  I wonder what the warranty will be like.

Speed, sturdiness, and power efficiency are all why SSD will likely play in important role in future laptops and mobile devices.  Not only that, it's a backup option making its way into servers as well.  In recent tests by some blogs, the speed and power efficiency are not quite there yet but for studiness alone, it's worth it.

Besides, it's a natural evolution from regular hard drives.  With SSD prices dropping so fast, I'm willing to call 2009 year of SSD.  A cursory check of some online stores show a big drop in SSD prices.  Some are low enough (but nowhere near the price of regular HD) that it is an option for people who are data worth protecting.

Now, I'm not saying SSD drives will overtake regular HD in 2009.  But I certainly do see more SSDs offered as an option.  Besides, with the recession...anyway.

Here are just some examples:
  • 32GB - $75 and up
  • 64GB - $135 and up
  • 128GB - $249 and up
  • 256GB
  • 512GB - From Toshiba.  No price yet.  Samples will be available for testing in Q1.  
What do you think?  Is there an SSD in your future?

Via Electronista, Toshiba

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