Thursday, January 8, 2009

Android's Future Needs To Include Tablets

While folks are still lamenting not seeing an Apple netbook or tablet from Macworld, it leaves a lot of room for others to make their move.
Sony did it at CES with the Viao P. But what's more interesting is this device I spied on Gizmodo. This is the future of Android. Android isn't just smartphones but the netbooks and the wave of touch tablets likely to come at us wave after wave.

Now, netbooks are fine but I think tablets is where people will gravitate towards eventually. Lighter, smaller form, and, if things go right, longer battery life. And for mobile warriors, without the battery life to support your life style, netbooks will only take you so far.

On the other hand, Android tablets offer an uniqueness because of its ties to Google. I'll go even further in saying that Google needs a gTablet. It would make sense for Google to create such a device because it would show the market confidence in not just the search engine but its whole computing philosophy.

Let's face it. A lot of readers out there know and use Google services and apps. Position the Android and devices it powers as an everyday necessity. Think of it as the mobile user's wallet. Apple is positioning it's devices for gaming and push into enterprise (I'm putting this in very simple terms), Microsoft and RIM are battling it out and trying to hold their ground, and Palm is simply trying to survive, this gives the Android tablet to change how mobile warriors think about computing and accessing data that affect their lives.

With a gTablet, Google can begin to corner the market all to itself and move millions of desktop bound users into the mobile realm. On its terms.

Note: Remember white spaces. Guess who's a big support of it. Google. Get gTablet to work with white spaces and Google will never have to rely on wireless providers again. Also remember GrandCentral? Trust me. Google is not letting it languish in some backroom and forgotten. I think I'm on to something here.

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