Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Apple Won't Sue Palm

A development, if you call it that, during Apple's Q1 2009 financial call gave bloggers a lot of material to write.  I'm not talking about the blow-out quarter, the numbers of iPhone, iPods, and Macs sold.  

It's that Apple will defend its patents.  Worth writing about?  I guess so since I'm weighing in.  So, here's my take.  Apple will not sue Palm.  Not likely.  But the Internet media will take this and run with it.  In fact, the facts are facts and here are the facts.
  • All individuals or businesses that own patents will defend it.  Nothing news worthy there, right?
  • Tim Cook, Apple's interim CEO, was asked a dumb question by an "analyst", about Palm's Pre and its multi-touch features and competition for the iPhone.  Cook declined to take the bait but did assert that Apple will defend all of its patents.  See above.  
  • Bloggers cheer.
I've gone through the few articles I can find on this issue posted so far but I was interested in reader comments.  I find them to be more intelligent than the posts at times. 

After filtering through the mudslinging, many posters have noted that Palm has worked with touch for years and has a large arsenal of patents itself.  So, Palm could potentially have something in there somewhere that allows for its own multi-touch implementation. 

In fact, it's also likely Palm may have developed its own multi-touch technology.  A more likely scenario I think.  I don't think Palm is stupid enough to knowingly violate Apple's patents.  Talk about suicide.  If that were the case, I believe its shareholders would have the right to sue Palm for stupidity.  

So, no Apple-Palm lawsuit coming.  Not likely.

If any mobile warrior out there has the technical background in this matter and can shed some light, love to hear from you.  What'll likely happen in six months or so when the Pre finally is out on the market, we'll see more competition, more innovation from Apple and others, and users win.

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