Monday, January 26, 2009

Mobile Tip: Skype-To-Go (With T-Mobile's MyFaves)

What does T-Mobile's MyFaves have anything to do with Skype you ask? A lot if you put the two together.

MyFaves is available on some of T-Mobile's services that allows subscribers to enter up to five numbers in the US that they can call day and night for as long as they want without using up minutes in their plan. Cool eh? No so if you're Miami Heat's Wade.

So five numbers. All you can eat. Or talk in this case. How do you extend that? You merge it with Skype. Skype is offering a $2.95 a month that allows unlimited calls to the United States and Canada. In addition, you also get a voicemail for your Skype ID. But you're saying "hey, but I'm tethered to a PC or laptop. Nothing new here".

Not impressed. Here's the game changer: Skype To Go.

As a part of your Skype subscription, you are assigned a special telephone number. You can pick one that's local to you. From there, you can call anyone and the call goes through via Skype. You are only charged the minutes of your mobile service. The skype call is free.

No longer tethered to a desk. But here's with T-Mobile's MyFaves come in (I think you're getting this right about now). You add your Skype access number as one of your MyFaves number.

Now, you've got Mom, Grandma, hottie number one, hottie number two, and Skype number. Five numbers.

More than that, it makes the number of people you can call for free from five to virtually unlimited.

I had to call some folks overseas yesterday and I was running out of Skype credits. So, I finally decided to give Skype's unlimited international call plan a try. I signed up for the cheaper 3-month plan (I think I saved $3 over the month-to-month plan of USD 9.95). I added my Skype-To-G0 number to MyFaves and I did the same for my mom (we have a family plan with T-Mobile).

Yesterday, we made about three hours of mostly international calls. I got charged zero dollars and cents.

We're currently testing this out with our work phones. Especially for businesses that accrue thousands of dollars a month like ours (we make tons of international calls), $9.95 a month for one line is a bargain. We might end up getting two or three Skype lines to see how it works out.

We'll be back in a week and month on this subject to update you on how it goes.

Note: Only one person can make a call at once via Skype. So, if my mom is using the Skype-to-go number or the Skype program (available for multiple OSes), I won't be able to use it.

Another Note: I can't wait until Truphone or real Skype becomes available on the G1 and iPhone. I can seriously do a lot of damage here.

Last note: Even if have wireless subscription other than MyFaves or T-Mobile, being able to call Mexico unlimited ($5.95 a month) or internationally ($9.95 a month) and save tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars is worth it. I think assigning a local landline works as well.

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