Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Verizon: LTE Going Forward As Scheduled

Looks like Apple isn't the only one innovating, or in Verizon's case, simply sitting on their butt.  LTE deployment will go ahead as scheduled.

When?  2010 according to SAI.  Let's this is what it'll take to get Sprint's WiMax and whatever else T-Mobile has planned rolling.  It's good to have cash, growth, and vicious competitors to get the old heart pumping.

First half of 2010 is when LTE will go online.  Note that ATT is sharing a network with Verizon on this.

Note:  LTE isn't the only thing we can look forward to in 2010.  2009 just started.  We're waiting to see what WiMax which has a 18 month lead on LTE, faster 3G, and possible white spaces to keep us busy through 2009.  Wouldn't you like your Android, iPhone, or Pre to be running at insanely fast speed wirelessly?

Another note:  Here's hoping we get some stimulus love from the Obama Administration for these roll outs.  This is another form of investment in the future.  It's no interstate highway but it's what'll keep the US competitive for the next decade.

 Via  Silicon Alley

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