Zune - Where To?

Microsoft is looking forward to Zune hardware updates for 2009.  Didn't exactly say when in 2009 but we have their word on that.  Of course, this is today and we've got eleven more months in 2009 left and a lot can change.  After all, back in December, we had all assumed Zune was going to take a chunk of Apple's iPod marketshare.

Where to now for Zune?  $100 Million less than Redmond was expecting.  No major hardware update last year.  Could Microsoft be thinking to fold despite public statements to the contrary?

There is a lot of different directions Microsoft can take this that any speculation from wild rumors on blogs to Wall Street analysts is just as valid.  In fact, I'm likely to believe blogs than Wall Street dumb-dumbs these days. Regardless, I hope Zune doesn't go away.

I was reading a Zune-centric blog and I misread the title.  I had taken Windows 7 for Windows Mobile 7.  Guess where I like to see Zune features show up?


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