Google Docs Now Editable On Mobile Devices

Google has finally made editing spreadsheets on mobile browsers (no word processing yet).

According to the Google Doc blog, it was only a year ago they've made docs viewable on browsers. Now, they're making editing available for spreadsheets.

My fellow mobile warriors, I've been complaining about Google's lack of attention for mobile blogging but this shows that they're making an effort at bring computing normally reserved for regular computers to mobile devices. 

Now, it appears this is only available for webkit-based browsers because they mentioned the iPhone, iPod Touch, G1, and Nokia's S60.

Note:  Like I said, this looks like it's for only webkit-based browsers.  You would think that editing docs in word processors should be easier.  I suppose that's not the case.  Really really wish Google would bring over to G1 or the iPhone a native blogger app.

Impact:  It's too early for this to have an impact on mobile warriors.  The new functions are appreciated and while Google's docs are pretty advanced, I'm not sure a lot of folks use it.  I'm not sure a lot of mobile folks will start using it.  I'll try it and let you know how it is.  Really looking forward to it.


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