Monday, February 9, 2009

Kindle 2: It's Here!

Is this the Kindle revision you're waiting for? Same price. Same size. But 25% longer battery life?

Well, not quite. $360. That's still quite expensive for an one-trick dog or horse. Still, it has some improvements that will likely get some of those well-do-to folks off the fence and into getting one.

I'll say this though. If and when Amazon does make Kindle reading library available for the iPhone, Blackberries, Android, Windows, and others, I might get it after another price drop. I think I speak for a lot of mobile warriors that we do read despite what Steve Jobs say but a $350 dedicated reader just isn't something to get excited about.

Amazon, make it $99. Provide a discount like what you do with when you sign up for a year's worth of books. Something along that line would get the Kindle sales pumping. Readers will like it. Publishers will love it. And you can reach that $2 billion revenue projection and help those Wall Street analysts who love shooting in the dark look good for once.

Think about it, Jeff.

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