Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mobile Warriors Feeding The Pig

From time to time, Onxo has offered mobile tips.  Batteries, security, you name it.  Just search "tip" and you'll find a couple of useful ones.

But now, we'll also offer tips for your wallet if we come across anything that'll help mobile warriors keep their gears and services.  And hopefully, we'll also get a tip or two from our readers.

Tonight, I'm sitting here working on some diagrams for work watching Babylon 5 on Hulu.  One of the commercials was the "feed the pig" one where this lady and the pig was laughing about her happy retirement.  

Anyway, I checked out their site.  Interesting.  Offers very few things that I don't already know.  But as I got thought their tips, much of it hinges on one thing.


Am I right?  It's about self-control.  Living within your means no matter how Steve Jobs' reality distortion field comes through your laptop screen and makes you want to have the next Apple gear or how nice and greatly improved the Blackberry Curve are or Windows Mobile 6.5 may rock.  DSi is coming.  You want it but do you really need it?

That's what it's all about.  Remember that.  Here are a couple of links I've found.  I'll continue to update them and hopefully it'll help us through these though times together.

  • Feed The Pig
  • ABC News:  High Tech, Low Cost -  how to save up to $5000.  Well, not quite.  But a good read.
  • Free Wi-Fi:  Don't pay for it at Starbucks or Borders.  Go online and see what other places offer it for free.  Dave the Mobile Warrior recently visited a local Vons and found that he could access the Internet there through an access point on his iPhone.
Mobile warriors, appreciate any other tips you can share with the rest of us.

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