Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Netbook 2.0

The biggest news in the netbook realm is that Acer has gained quite a bit of ground with their Aspire netbooks and that netbook sales are eating up shares in the laptops world at the expensive of their bigger but more capable brethren. More than that, it's killing margins and revenue growth at HP and Dell.

It's beginning to look like a downward spiral at this point. But some are beginning to come out to the market with a different take on netbooks. We'll come to this point in a bit.

First, please read Onxo's previous post on what happened to the promises of netbook. SSD. Long battery life. Instant-on.

Now, let's come back. Netbooks are evolving as they should. Technology evolves. But they're evolving into bigger netbooks. More power requirements. Faster chips (though you wouldn't know it). It's become a laptop again but without the optical drive. But they carry a higher price. Still, it's a netbook wanting to do more.

Eventually, the margins and revenues on that will suffer as well. Netbook makers are fooling themselves. They need netbooks in their line but they all need products that differentiate themselves from the rest.

Sony has the Viao P and, well, Apple has nothing. But neither companies want to have anything to do with netbooks. For the pack of PC makers, someone needs to get started on netbook 2.0 so that they can break out of this shell they're in. It's killing them. I mean that literally.

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