Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick Mobile Updates

Some updates you'll want to be aware of in mobility this morning.

Yesterday, over at On Apple, we went into ATT's 2011 rollout of LTE.  It's like 18 months later than we expected.  Maybe it has to do with all those funds transferred to Apple.  Who knows.  But now, Verizon has gone ahead and said that they'll have rollouts in 2010, maybe a full hear ahead of rival ATT.  

I went ahead and said 3G, which will be speed up by that time will like help ATT blunt any defections but still, it's no wonder why Verizon has such loyal followings.  If not for the iPhone, I don't know where ATT will be today.  

Verizon will be using the 700Mhz spectrum they outbid everyone else for.  Remember back that for a while, we all thought (and hoped) that Google would make a serious run for it.  

Now, recall that the FCC stipulated the network must be open?  Let's see what that really means in wirelessspeak.  Remember, the wireless overlords want to protect us by being our gatekeepers.

Now some lighter news for mobile gaming.  DSi coming to the US on April 4th!  Not excited? Well, it's cost a recession digging $170!  Here's what more fitting in these tough economic times:  the initial colors will be in black and blue.  How's that for irony?

Over at On Android, I applauded the months of free apps on the Android Market.  But I wonder what'll happen to those apps once the marketplace for paid apps goes live.  Will G1 owners like myself wake up to have our apps tell us that we've got one more week of free use or else?


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