Sunday, February 1, 2009

South Korea To Get 1Gbps By 2012

As Gigaom pointed out, 1 Gbps is 200 times faster than the typical high end DSL or Cable Internet access speed at 5Mbps.  200 times.  Let's do this again, 200 TIMES!
Oh, did I mentioned I upgraded my DSL service to 3Mbps this weekend?  And before that I was hovering around 1Mbps?  That means by 2012, Koreans will outspeed me by 333 times.  Of course, they're ready getting 100Mbps.  So, they'll be growing their download speed by 10 times.

To put that in perspective, Verizon FIOS offers 50Mbps download.  ATT's U-verse offers a mere maximum speed of 18Mbps.  And it's not even available in most areas.

Now, a lot of folks, including myself, are doing just fine with what we've got.  I'm not a big downloader.  I do what everyone do:  watch Youtubes, e-mail, blog, surft the web.  3Mbps is good enough.  However, a peak down the road, a few years from now, more and more folks in the US will be relying in their Internet for video conferencing, VOIP, and watching televisions and videos.

Onxo has focused on mobile Internet but this is an issue we cannot ignore.  We've pushed for more broadband infrastructure expansions.  Government stimulus aside, the provider who is willing to invest through this downturn (and it's not going to last forever) will emerge with an huge speed advantage and reliablity over its competitors.

Maybe we don't need 1Gbps.  Yet.  Providers should get us to 50 or 100Mbps just to avoid looking bad to the rest of the world.

Via Gigaom

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