Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Voice - Like Skype To Go

Twitter was going crazy last night with all manners of tweets about Google Voice.

A couple of years ago (almost), Google bought GrandCentral (GC) and many, including Dave the mobile warrior, thought about its fate. Now we know.

Previously, I had posted about SkypeToGo. You get a number from Skype as a part of a subscription that you can call from authorized phones (you make that distinction yourself) and you can Skype Out without using a computer. Now, Google Voice, available today only to GC users but will be available to other Google users, offers the same feature for free.

Do not underestimate the impact this will have on telecommunication. This is one of those things that has the potential to really screw with the business models of many telecom and wireless companies.

Plus, this is certainly not the end of it. Remember white spaces? Imagine when Google puts Voice on a white space device. Be it Android or other white spaces enabled device, we can literally bypass the traditional phone and mobile providers and call each other directly.

I'm painting a rosy picture here but I simply want you to get an idea of what's possible. Chatters on this is still going on and I'll come back with more when dust clears a bit (or when my crazy cough gives me a break).

Way to go, Google!

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