Monday, March 2, 2009

New Fees From Wireless

Tucked within the Obama administration budget is a proposal for new fees with respect to spectrum licensing.

How much? In the hundreds of millions. That's what Wireless Week is reporting. This is quick. I'm all "investments" in the future. But the article doesn't say what these fees will be used for so I am a bit hesitant to say this is good for mobile warriors. Fees generally aren't good but, in some instances, if the funds used correctly, we can benefit.

Education. Programs and incentives to promote wireless use. Building out mobile infrastructure. Research into wireless and mobile technology. Strengthening security. These are good uses.

Plugging a budget hole. Adding bureaucracy. Funds funneled to pet projects with agendas contrary to public welfare. These are bad uses for funds.

I'll reserve judgement on this until we know more.

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