Sunday, March 29, 2009

Virus Alert: Conficker

I've got a couple of computer viruses in the past. The worst one I got, I was forced to reformat my drive and then later find out that I didn't have to. We've got anti-virus software on all PCs running Windows but we managed to get an infection anyway. Now, there's the Conficker.

According to 60 Minutes and Symantec believes its one of the worst computer viruses out there. So, take notice. Protect yourselves. I'm on a Mac so I'm not too concern but a large majority of my fellow mobile warriors are on Windows.

According to Daily Wireless, there are online help:
I suggest everyone running Windows (heck, anyone with a computer) to pay attention. From what I'm able to gather on the Web, it's an April 1 event. That means you've got about to days to do something about this.


Note: Some day soon, we'll look back at this and end up talking about the same thing with our mobile devices.

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