Wireless Capacity - What Enough?

The wireless companies set up their network with what I believe to handle the minimum traffic at any given time. Just enough to handle peak usage. And if a few calls get dropped, so be it. It's a harsh assessment but, seriously, this is business after all.

I'm just going to through this out there and see what mobile warriors think. Is this right?

Say you're traveling through downtown San Francisco or Manhattan and need to make a call. You find yourself with a bricked phone because you're unable to make a call or send or receive data. It's not a daily occurrence but it happens enough.

And if you happen to pass through areas where there is heavy wireless usage during various peak times on certain days, you probably might not notice. Still, does that make it right?

I like the fact that the Verizon guy is all over television checking on network signal but rather have him working on install new cell towers. And this goes the same for any other companies claiming to have to the "most reliable network".

I started this post after reading about folks not happy with ATT at the South By Southwest conference. Now, I can say that ATT can be forgiven in this case (somewhat). Who would have expected this many iPhones in one place?

So, what's enough?


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