Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mobile Users Dealing With Public Health Crisis

Virual or bacterial outbreaks in movies are likely the closest thing most of us have ever experienced.  However, with the swine flu advancing and scaring the pants of the WHO, how are my fellow mobile warriors to take this?

As of this morning, there are additional confirmation of the swine flu in Asia and Europe.  This has the making of a pandemic, at least that is what governments including the Obama Administration is taking it as.  So, that's good.  But never the less, we need to be prepared.

And technology had advanced far enough for people with smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices like the iPhone to stay connnected and get the right information they need.  For instance, CDC is now twittering (CDCemergency).

Of course, we have our fill of information on the Internet with the news on the swine flu.  The best source right now is either Yahoo News or Google News .  They seem quite up-to-date with the latest information without other sites trying to sensationalize it too much.

Now, with that out of the way, let's go back and focus on technology.  I've got a couple of laptops, phones, iPod Touch, etc.  But how do I use them in the event of a wide spread pandemic?  The goal I'm looking for is that if you had to stay in your home for days at a time, I want to examine how folks will mitigate the effect of being couped up in a confined space.

We'll look at it in the next post.  Meanwhile, any suggestion and ideas you can share with everyone would be terrific.  We've seen earthquakes, hurricanes, and other forms of natural disasters over the last year.  We get fires in Southern California.  However, it doesn't affect all of us directly (except for the ash-laden air).  But this swine flu does.  This is a global event.

How have our international readers dealt with events in their countries?

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