Friday, April 10, 2009

Work Computer: Desktop or Laptop

We're at the point today where the desktop cost advantage over the laptop is negligible. Sure, the desktop traditionally feature faster CPU, mower powerful GPU, and maybe even more ram. For pros who work in field that require more processing power, desktops are the way to go.

What about the rest of the office workforce who don't need those kind of power? Does it make sense to have a power hungry desktop when a laptop will suffice?

Increasingly, more and more folks I've talked to, from folks who crunch Excel files to developers at high profile Internet companies are moving away from desktops. A couple of mobile warriors were given a laptop as well as a desktop but they almost never use the desktop.

Perhaps for some of you, maybe it makes sense to request a laptop in the next round of upgrades. For employers, giving their employees laptops said something about trust and ownership of work that does along with it. Employees can take the laptop with them wherever they go.

And we all know that on some level, employees use their company laptops for personal use. That's entirely acceptable in my book.

And beyond the cost, productivity, and changes in technology, we are an increasing mobile workforce. Being tethered to a cubicle is no longer acceptable for a lot of companies and their employees. And it's a trend that cannot be denied.

So, what do you prefer? And how have mobile warriors out there convinced their employers that a laptop, smartphones, or mobile devices is better for them than a desktop?

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