Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dave The Mobile Warrior

Yes, there really is a Dave the Mobile Warrior.  He's one of the most brilliant individuals on this planet.  But like most American youth today, he has yet to reach his true potential.  I'm working on that.  Rather, I'm working to make sure he works on it so I can be rich.  Dave just needs to find something to focus on.  Yes, he's that brilliant.

Anyway, he's going on a cruise in June and I've asked him to provide Onxo and On Apple with video feeds if possible but definitely pictures.  More importantly, his mobile experience.

We've discussed about what mobile gears he'll bring along with him and what'll happen if he runs into trouble.  Dave the Mobile Warrior laughed when I mentioned trouble.  He's counting on it!  MacWind, iPhone, and a new Luminix camera are all that he's bringing for now.

What do you think?  Is that enough?  Will the cruise have wifi access so that he won't be cut off from his Slingboxes and media files?  How's he going to deal with the pirates?

Stay tuned!

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