Thursday, June 18, 2009

AT&T Says Its For Net Neutrality (Provided They Can Define What "Neutrality" Means)

"ATT has also publicly supported the notion that these Net Neutrality rules should also apply to wireless Internet access. In fact, Jim Cicconi, senior executive vice president of legislative affairs for ATT, said as much during a panel discussion hosted by a Washington Post reporter in November."

This was taken directly  from a CNet News post questioning ATT's role as our mobile gatekeeper.  Oh, don't worry. Our fellow mobile warriors who subscribe to Verizon Wireless are also subject to the same treatment. Essentially, the wireless providers believe our mobile access is open so long as the wireless providers have a say in how we use it and what we use it for.

How anyone can say their company, ATT in this case, is for net neutrality but chooses how subcribers use thei network and which apps they can use on the network is just outrageous. The MBL app can stream games over 3G but iPhone users can only view video from their Slingplayer app over a Wi-Fi network. And, the TVU,, and OrbLive apps run freely all over ATT's 3G network.

Considering that smartphone users pay more than  regular cell phone users, it stands that we expect more. Gatekeepers be damned.

It's my hope that this this nonsense ends when the 700Mhz network comes online. In short the FCC had stipulates that the new network would have to be open. While I am always hopeful that wireless access would eventually be open and neutral, it won't be because our self-appointed gatekeepers didn't try their hardest and dirtiest to keep that from happening.  

Via Cnet

Note:  I am glad CNet has given this issue a look. I hope new news outlets will continue to keep an eye on this and press the wireless providers for answers and not their focus group approved responses.    

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