Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Movie - Astronauts Messing Around

Here is this week's Friday movie (clip).  Again, I do this on the blog because at my old work, we used to take off on Fridays to watch a movie if we get our work completed on time.

In that tradition, I'm continue the practice whenever there is a clip I think you would like to watch (we didn't go watch a movie every Friday.  Some weeks, there are no new movie even worth skipping work for).

This week's clip is from the International Space Station where an intrepid astronaut, and I mean intrepid because he agreed to go on camera for it and might effectively end his spacefaring career, demonstrates the kind of fun you can have in zero gravity.

Enjoy and be sure to visit us over the weekend for more mobile updates here, tips, mobile issues, and mobile Apple updates.

First Seen on Gizmodo

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