Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Have A Wireless Dream

I was meeting up with my cousin at a local mall for dinner last night and I got there earlier so I can spend some time to myself and enjoy the cool afternoon.  It was an outdoor addition to an existing structure.  There was music, water fall, and folks like myself enjoying the evening.

I pulled out my iPod Touch to access the mall's open Wi-Fi network.  I was able to access the Internet near the rear of the new setting but not front.  And the front was the waterfall is and I rather liked the scenery.  So I ended up using my G1 to surf the Web through the 3G network while I listened to music on my iPod Touch.

But really got me going on the need for a blanket wireless network that works for all mobile devices no matter where you are or which device you use.  Over at Onxo Mobile Society, I got more into the issue of the coming day when  mobile devices without cell contracts are the norm and we'll be able to access the wireless network as freely as we do now at home, in our offices, or hotspot locations to do as we choose.  Surf the web, watch videos, stream music, etc.  

Most importantly:  NO GATEKEEPERS!

Source:  Onxo Mobile Society

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