Monday, June 29, 2009

Palm's Synergy App - Potential For 3rd Party To Duplicate Its Functionalities

I think Palm's Synergy is one of the best thing to happen to mobile market since the iPhone swept through the mobile market.  

But alas, iPhone's interface, while beautiful, intuitive, and simple, can use a little synergy of its own.  Admit it as I have, I would love to see that on my G1 and iPod Touch.  I'm sure a few Blackberry fans too.  

HTC has the Touchflo but it is no way nearly as compete as Palm's solution.  

So, why can't someone create an app to duplicate Synergy's functions and abilities to bring in together data from different sources all at once?  On the iPhone, the Yahoo app does a decent job of bringing in Twitter and Facebook.  It also allows users to add accounts from Hotmail, AOL, and Google.

There is even a page to aggregate special interests that I want to put together on one page.  In all, the Yahoo app has a tabs for features, news, interests, and connections.  With connections, Yahoo offers the option to allow the user to connect to an assortment of social sites like MySpace.

So, why not just use something like Yahoo app.  Well, it doesn't work as well as Synergy.  The potential for Yahoo's app is there but there is no guarantee that is the direction Yahoo is looking to go towards.  Google has its web apps and even on Android, you're only really allowed to use Google's apps.  Apple's own MobileMe does nothing even close to what Palm's Synergy can.  And as with Apple, you won't know what they've got up their sleeves until they unveil it.

So this leaves third parties to come in and offer apps to mobile platforms that offer seemless data (rss feeds, contacts, calendar), messaging, and e-mail integration in one app.  Right now, the best bets where a Synergy-like app will come from are from the likes of Yahoo that can leverage its properties or IM apps that aggregate various accounts by going further with other forms of data.

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