Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pre Reviews - Links Available

It's time already. Some lucky folks with great number of readers, smarter I suppose, got their hands on Palm and Sprint's Pre before everyone else.

Engadget and Gizmodo both come out with their reviews at just about the same time. I guess it was probably some sort of embargo placed on them.

Anyway, the gist is that WebOS is very impressive though work needs to be done. It's pretty much the same story for the iPhone OS in the first year and Android 1.0/1.5 now. The app store is a bit bare given the beginning of the Pre but Palm needs to get more folks excited about developing for the Pre.

The hardware, according to Boy Genius Report and the two above mentioned reviews, feels cheap. Wow, I thought the G1 felt cheapy. And the Pre was worse. Of course, not everyone can come out and hit a grand slam Apple did with the iPhone. Still, it's the first gen Pre. Still, this is Palm's shot at getting back into the smartphone game. It may well be Palm's last shot.

Both reviews have different takes and worth reading to see whether the Pre is for you or if you just want to read and see if your current phone or mobile device measures up.

As for the competitive landscape in the mobile market, a lot will change in the next couple of months. Pre will go on sale this Saturday while Apple will come out with the next iPhones soon (late June/early July) and T-Mobile is slated to put G2 on the market around the same time frame. Windows Mobile 6.5 and RIM will follow after that. It's great to see so many of these guys trying for our hard-earned money.

In conclusion, the Pre is exciting and I'm looking forward to see if I can get my hands on one to play with soon.

Here's a CNet video review worth watching.

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