Test Drive the Pre A Bit - Lives Up To Hype

I got to spend some time with the Pre at my local Best Buy.  Over all, I am impressed with the Pre.  The design is very unique and takes a little getting used to.  The pictures on the Internet does not do it just, for better or worse.

I have an issue with the app support at launch and that's going to be critical.  And with the iPhone 3.0 and iPhone 3G's lower price at $99, G2 and Storm 2 on deck, the Pre will be competing in a very crowded market.

I've provided more notes at Onxo Gadgets and some recommendations on what you should do if you're in the market for a smartphone.  Overall, Palm knocked it out of the park but it was going up against last year's smartphones like the Storm and G1.  And even last year's iPhone 3G is very impressive, possibly for years to come.  

More Pre impressions at Onxo Gadgets


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