Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wi-Fi Of America (like Voice of America)

Voice of America.  Radio Free Europe.  Yeah, during the Cold War.  And today? Wi-Fi of America?  

I'm talking about using wireless technologies to help people in nations where they don't have unfiltered access to the Internet and information in general.

Some United States Senators, including former Presidential candidate John McCain, is looking to provide a boost to Iranians who were on the streets protesting what they thought was an election stolen from them by the ruling clerics and incumbent government.

Some senators, mostly Republicans, have thought President Obama's response to the Iranian situation was weak and the White House did not provide enough oral support to the protesters.  I'm not here to get into the politics here but it could be a reason why these Senators are looking to outdo the White House and are looking to help protesters gain access to cellular and mobile Internet services.

Measures include making it more difficult for Tehran to jam services and other means to help avoid censorship and prying eyes of the government.

Gizmodo spoke about using drones to provide wireless Internet access but I wonder if larger measures could eventually come out of Congress and the skunk labs of clandestine organizations that will eventually create a 21st Century version of Voice of America to help spreading information or at the very minimum, help people gain access to information or spread information.

Source:  Gizmodo, Raw Story (AFP)

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