Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wireless Networks May Benefit From Global Economic Recovery

With the oil back above $70 a barrel, the Saudi makes a $100 million investment in Wimax.  Could this just the beginning as credit, the economic conveyor belt, starts to flow again?  It was not as if everything suddenly came to a standstill.  Many cash-rich tech companies continued to spend and make money in 2008 and so far in 2009.

But as oil and commodity prices begin to recover and cash starts to go to resource rich regions like the Middle East, Russia, and South America, it stands to believe that technology spending in these nations will start again.

Of course, we won't know how fast economies around the world will start growing at sustainable rates to support these wireless adventures but one thing is certain.  The world is relying less on the US and European markets as emerging economies continue to do well, especially those that rely on commodities.  They will continue to invest heavily in technology, in particular, wireless networks as their demands increase.

Whether it'll be LTE or WiMax, Intel, Samsung, and other companies that make chips and components to support these networks stand to gain from these wireless expansions.

Beyond wireless needs, the emerging markets collectively may pull the global economy out of the recession as their commercial needs increase.

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