Thursday, July 30, 2009

Amazon Sued For Stealing Books, And High School Kid's Homework

A couple of weeks ago, we reported how Amazon stole from Kindle owners books they lawfully bought from Amazon.  You say that Amazon didn't steal anything because they reimbursed the owners.  It was at worst a breach of privacy.  And I consider what they did theft.

Now, Justin Gawronski, a high school student, is suing Amazon after they deleted his copy of 1984 by George Orwell.  When they did that, notes he took were also erased.  Gone.  Nada.

For all the apology, I don't think Bezos can explain this away with an apology.  I hope more folks go after Amazon for this infraction.  It's is just wholly unacceptable.

The suit is asking for damages and to prevent Amazon from ever doing something like this ever again.

I honestly believed situations can be handled correctly but with Apple screw over developers, Amazon stealing and breaching privacies, there really is no recourse for the average consumer.  Had Amazon explained what happened, I'm sure Kindle owners will understand.

Source:  Onxo, Engadget

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