Google: Webapps Is the Future

App stores are numbered. Soon, they will go the way of the dinosaurs and only webapps will exist. That's Google's position on mobile, and, perhaps, even for desktop OS.

When the iPhone came out, Steve Jobs said developers can create for the iPhone. Webapps. There were grumblings. A lot of grumblings. The Safari, then and now, simply could not support the level of sophistication and graphics that the native iPhone apps now have.

But webapps are the future. Do I agree? Sure. After writing about it over at On Android, I decided to give Apple's webapp directory another look. I picked out a few that allow mobile warriors to be substantially productive and even have fun as there are many Web-based games.

I suppose the main issue is timing. When will webapps truly mature to the point that allow users to feel comfortable spending the bulk of their mobile computing within a Web browser. And can webapps as well as native apps co-exist? Perhaps what Google failed to address is how will developers be paid for their apps on the Web?

Currently, there are not too many consumer oriented Webapps that charge users for use. I've downloaded tons of games from the iTunes app store. Can such an experience for free and especially paid games be duplicated within the browser as it relates to the cost of purchasing the game?

I'm sure there are tons of people out there with the right pay-grade who are thought all this through or are in the process of working it out. Until then, games, utilities, or productivity apps, I think it wise for folks to start getting used to treating their browser as a platform.

Source: On Android


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