Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google's Chrome Attack On Operating Systems

Google is planning on creating an Web OS (not to be confused with Palm's WebOS) based around a simple Linux kernel and call it Chrome OS.  Is that correct?

So, let's not confuse that with Google's Chrome, a Webkit-based browser they introduced last year.  I suppose they like the name and have decided to use it in their next endeavor to land another body blow on Microsoft (and Apple as well).

I won't go into it too much now but just thought I share this new mobile development with you.  Google has said this is designed for netbooks that can quickly get users onto the Internet as quickly as possible.  To be sure, Onxo has seen this coming for years.  There would have to be sufficient Web standards to support a true Web OS.  Google will focus on speed, security, and ease of use.  And I'm sure Google Gears have a big role in all this.

Right now, we're hearing one side of the story.  I'm sure the Apple and Microsoft camps as well as OS traditionalists will want to weigh in on this.  So far, I don't have an opinion on this at this time.  The cooking just got started and water is barely beginning to boil.  However, I have to wonder why now. 
  • Android seems to have just started gaining a foothold among hardware developers as well as app creators.  Won't this confuse things?  
  • Also, cost will be an issue.  
  • Internet connection.  Cloud computing will have a bigger role in all this than even Chrome (the browser) and Gears.  Is Google finally ready with a solution for ubiquitous wireless Internet access?
Just a few questions about this.  It isn't a simple matter of saying here is a new OS and go do something with it.  As Google's goal indicated, they want to change how things are now.  Google will need to offer a whole ecosystem along with the OS - wireless Internet access, low-cost hardware, and software that will entice users to move away from their Windows laptops.  

This simply confuses things at the moment with developers as Android also moves into the netbook arena.  Are folks to choose between Android and Chrome?  Smartphone or netbooks?  

On the whole, I am excited by this development.  If anyone can pull this off, it's scrappy little (big) Google.  More competition for Windows and Macs.  

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