Monday, July 27, 2009

Hybrids - Mobile Users Should Consider It

With the oil crisis in 2008 and the resulting sky-rocketing gas prices looming in the background of the global economic recession, I'm glad progress is still being made on the green front.  Specifically, Toyota is still trying to take the Prius to the next level.

On top of that, in the world's first ever ship of its kind, The Auriga Leader will be carrying over the US those awesome Priuses.  What makes it so unique is the vessel will generate 40kW of power with its 328 solar panels for ship uses, thus, reducing load on the engines.  The effort is a $1.68 million solar system Toyota contracted for it's own use.

To top it off, these hybrid cars are made in a plant that has its own array of solar panels capable of supplying half of the plant's power needs.

Going for the triple play, the new Priuses will also have the option for solar roofs to help the car's cooling systems.

I like to think that Onxo readers are generally pretty green and thought you might appreciate knowing this.  I think in an indirect manner, hybrids with solar panels is another push towards better and newer technologies that has the potential to help even mobile tech.

I like to be able to see those solar panels on hybrids also serve owners on other ways.  Charging stations for mobile gears.  Perhaps even allow for mobile wireless stations to allow Wi-Fi access at some point in the future.  And with incremental advancements in battery technology and greater solar efficiency, it's possible for these hybrids to provide power to the engine since most of the time, the cars are sitting in parking lots or driveways.

Source:  Guardian

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