Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lynx (Text-Based Browser) For Mobile Platforms

A lot of time, I just want to be able to fire up the browser and find
the information I want quickly. No nonsense. A lot of sites offer
mobile versions of themselves but they're still a minority. On my
Macbook, I have the option of using Lynx, an old old text-based

And at times, I go beyond just browsing for only information I want.
I just browse with it. Why? Because I simply see only the
information I want because it's all text. And every time I use it, it
brings me back to the old days of computing on the Apple II or DOS
before the days of graphic user interfaces like OS X and Windows.

Now, if only someone can develop an standalone app for a smartphone or
simply create a webapp and duplicate what the text-based browsing
experience Lynx provides, there will be thousands of not millions of
mobile warriors who will appreciate this.

Not to mention all those Unix and command-line devotees who will love it.

And yes, I would pay for it. I've bought a lot of games for the
iPhone and almost no non-game apps. This Lynx-like app I will buy and
I'm sure many others will as well.

So, if you want to get rich, go work on it now!

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