Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wireless Backhaul Capacity To Triple

An In-Stat research report found there will be a three fold increase for more capacity between now and 2013.  Seriously, this only confirms all the smartphones and mobile devices I see everywhere now.  I was at the supermarket and iPhones and Blackberries were everywhere.  Texting, reading, and doing who knows what mobilely.

According to the report, the following after key data that immediately stood out:

  • WiMAX and LTE will require backhaul needs of 80-100 Mbps. Their deployments will increase the need for new backhaul solutions.
  • While microwave will remain the most common last mile link medium, Ethernet is playing an increasing role in supporting backhaul needs for cellular and WiMAX networks.
  • 90,000 Gbps of capacity in the last mile of the backhaul network will be needed by the end of 2013 to support the worlds cellular and WiMAX networks.
  • In Asia/Pacific, the cellular backhaul last mile backhaul capacity for LTE will be 2,500 Gbps
I'm willing to bet that in 2010, these numbers In-Stat provided will likely be revised upward.  With billions at stake in hardware, software, and services, providers will be pressured to increase capacity as well as reliability.  I don't know if the report took into account the potential of IPTV, VOIP, video chats, and a couple of hundred of millions of subscribers who will eventually rely on their mobile devices to the friends, family, and the world at large.

And with services like WiMax that has a strong chance of service as a residence or business' main Internet gateway, G4 networks will play a greater role along side traditional Internet services like DSL and cable.

Source:  In-Stat

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