Monday, August 3, 2009

Eric, FCC, Apple, And Rejections

Eric Schmidt has resigned as a member of Apple' board of directors.  Done.

Whilte many folks have moved on from the storry about FCC's looking into Apple's Google Voice rejection involving ATT and Google, I  want to bring it back to the forefront of the mobile market's attention.

I'll probably be posting and speculating on this for days.  Basically, Apple rejected Google Voice app from Google and then went ahead and pulled two other apps already in the app store.  Many people are upset.  Google though they don't publicly say it.  The app developers.  The bloggers.  And some iPhone users.  So the FCC wants to know who was involved in the rejection.  What was communicated between the companies:  Apple, Google, and ATT.

But the biggest question in my mind is what's next for the parties involved and how they're going to justify their actions.  ATT has already said they have no say in Apple's app decisions but they failed to mention that pre-existing agreements between the two buddies hamper what Apple can or cannot do.

On the other hand, if it so happens that ATT really didn't have anything to do with the app rejections, though it's highly unlikely, Apple will have lots and lots of explaining to do.  For the sake of drama, this would be the best scenario.

For mobile warriors, I'm waiting to see just how far FCC will push to get the answers. It can  cause huge waves in the wireless market.

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