Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mobile War: Google Versus Bing, Everyone Versus Apple, And Big G Stepping In

Everyone saw what happened to Microsoft.  Billions lost due to lawsuits and government crackdowns over the years.  Somebody want to add that up for us?  Despite that, billions more were made as a result of that.  

And still today, Redmond is still top dog.  In a lot of things, but not where I'm concerned. Not on the mobile landscape.  In fact there really is no clear winner or leader.  Like the Wild West or in ancient times when there was plenty of land to explore, it is like that in the smartphone-mobile device market.

Nokia and RIM are at the top in units sold while Apple is kicking up a storm in the app store.  WM is making a surge, or will be soon enough with Zune functions.  Palm with its new Pre is still kicking around but we don't know if it'll get gobbled up by Dell.  Android is really made a huge wave after the anemic G1 launch.  

And add to top, government oversight.  Yeah, this is the wild card that we hoped to come up but ever really expect to be played.  I'm not a big guy on government intervention but when markets are locked are they are now by our wireless "gatekeepers" and we mobile warriors prevented from using the devices in ways that make sense, it just bugs the heck out of me.  It bugs the hell out of me.  Yeah, I use "hell".  

Some folks are smiling but some aren't.  All for different reasons.  And it all started with ATT and Apple.  The tipping point is ATT's rejection (or maybe Apple) of Google Voice app and pulling out other apps that provides iPhone users access to Google Voice.

It'll be interest to see how this all plays out.  We'll look at the players separately and see who may potentially come out on top here.

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