Monday, August 31, 2009

President May Be Given Emergency Power To Control Internet In Crisis

Here you have it. It's in the title. The President of the United States may be given power to grand or deny Internet use if a Senate bill passes through Congress and is signed into law by President Obama.

Now, like anything controversial, there will be a lot of noise. Everything speaking all at once and the message gets lost. It's the case in the blog world and, unfortunately, traditional news sources are coming down to the level of bloggers in general. That's the situation with Internet reporting now.

So, having said that I want mobile users to be aware of this measure but the bill is in its infancy and by the time it gets out of committee and is voted on, it will be drastically different from its current form.

So, take note and we'll try to go to the meat of the matter. I know this for a fact. There is no death panel in this Internet bill that will pull the plug on granny.

More at CNet News

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