Monday, August 24, 2009

RIM Adopts Webkit browser - Great News for Mobile, Especially Google

Word on the mean street of the mobile gadet world is that RIM has bought an outfit that makes a Webkit-based browser.

Torch Mobile was acquired by RIM for an undisclosed amount.  For Blackberry folks, this is fantastic news.  Mobile Webkit-browsers, given the ubiquity on the iPhone, Android devices, Palm Pre, and Symbian devices is nearly the default standard for mobile users san Windows Mobile devices. 

This is great news for the Webkit crowd because RIM adding Webkit to the Blackberries means tens of millions of users joining websites that are optimized for Webkit.  This is fantastic news not only for device makers but the site developers as standardization become easier.

And what's not to like about this move?  Webkit is also open-source.  Even Microsoft can adopt it if they chose to.  Okay, I'm just say that is an option for Redmond.  I'm not saying it'll ever happen.

Best of all, things can't be rosier for Google's dream of webapps or a Web OS that dominates the mobile space.  The way I see it, whatever Google develops for the iPhone or Android will also work on other Webkit-enabled browsers.

Perhaps, multi-touch will also be coming to Blackberries as well.  RIM is looking at 2010 when it achieves browser parity with its competitors.  

Source:  CNet News

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