Should RIM Worry About Microsoft-Nokia Alliance?

I don't think Blackberry folks will give up their addictive devices just because Nokia suddenly has Office on their phones.  Okay, some might.

But RIM is clearly more worried about the iPhone since it has been more disruptive to its business and interests than anything else on the market.  

At the same time, I don't expect RIM to be standing still.  If it has to ally itself with someone else to beef up its smartphones, I'm sure it will.  And Microsoft's app won't be on Nokia devices until some time next year.

Who will win at the end of the day?  I doubt any of us care so long as the folks who use these devices get more choice and innovative features and apps.  So, we mobile warriors win.  

Still the mobile war did get more interesting.  One area where RIM doesn't seem to have an answer for is search.  It's only choice really is Google, and RIM is fight Android for the consumer market.  

Lots of strange bedfellows and frienemies too.

Mentioned Link:  Reuters


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