SMS and Voice Doesn't Work On LTE?

Maybe this is why Apple is waiting for Verizon Wireless (as some have speculated) to get their network up and running before porting the iPhone over to VW's 80+ million subscribers and really put a hurt on ATT for the torturous relationship it has had with it over the last three years.

Oh, yeah.  Apparently, SMS (texting) and traditional voice doesn't work over LTE.  Ha.  I didn't know that.  I thought 4G was like 3G but only faster.

Wireless Week delivered this eye-opening piece of information for me, and, likely, for some of my fellow mobile warriors as well.  

With that said, feel free to sort through the rest of the article at WW for yourself.  I'll revisit it later as soon as I figure out what all those acronyms stand for and and mean.  

It initially excited me because we might finally be rid of these stupid voice plans that limit true communication and allow folks to simply use a form of VOIP over 4G networks.  I don't know that will happen in the next few years.  Even if Apple and others start shipping LTE devices, I'm sure the wireless providers will retain their self-appointed roles as gatekeepers and limit what we can do.

Anyway, the more I read the article, the more I think LTE should be about data and whatever means to implement voice and texting is secondary.  There is still the legacy networks that gatekeepers can rely on to deliver for those needs.  

Personally, I'm ready for the white spaces network or something that allows for pure data only network, and VOIP implemented only as needed.  

Mentioned Link:  Wireless Week


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