Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's Going To Happen This Week? Some Random Thoughts

The last week, we were possessed by the Apple debacle with its app store.  I wonder what's up for the coming week.

I would have though by now, we would be hearing a lot of more about the Blackberry Storm 2 and what Microsoft may be coming up for its Windows Phone platform.  I think the sleeper here will be Microsoft.

If you recall last week (though Onxo didn't talk about it), Microsoft was attempting to recruit iPhone developers and showing them how to port their apps over to its new app store.  It'll be truly interesting to see how this all translates.  However, we are a 4 to 6 weeks from Microsoft unveiling its Zune HD.  Though I wouldn't have though it a year ago, but Microsoft better have some huge developer supporting it from the beginning or else, Zune isn't going to any further.  Right now, Zune sales and support has been a huge drain on Redmond's resources.  But I still believe...

At the same time, be prepared for more Apple tablet rumors.  Man, it's just not going to go away until the device is unveiled by Apple.  There are two schools of thoughts on this.  Some believe it will be coming, only the when is in dispute.  I'm in that camp.  Less probably are those who also believe these tablet rumors are mere Apple's insidious rumor-mill going into high gear to get competitors to waste millions on deverloping their own tablets that Apple already know will have no takers.  We'll see who's right in 2010 (that's when I believe it'll come out - though I'll gladly be wrong should it ship this fall instead).

The long-term view is, I believe, going to be on Android.  I think the second half will make or break Android as a viable mobile platform.  Though I'm not sure the iPhone has anything to worry about from Android, others will.  The iPhone's worst enemy will be Apple itself and it'll always have a core of supporters around the world.  However, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Phone will need to make great charges to stay viable.

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