Sunday, August 30, 2009

You Tweet? Well, Twitter Is Going Strong

It looks like Twitter is still going strong. Over a birthday dinner for Dave the Mobile Warrior, Facebook and Twitter occupied more then a few conversations. And it continues to amaze me how people have adopted into their social behaviors to whip out their iPhones and check their Facebook and Twitter updates.

So, who's going stronger? Facebook or Twitter? In the recent Iranian election, both Web properties played a big role in helping the world see what was going on during the post-election protests. And you all may have heard how celebrities tweet to stay in touch with their fans.

Personally, I'm not into those celebrities. My tweets consists of media outlets like CNN, Marketwatch, NPR, and dozens of wireless news sites. And I update readers with new mobile developments and Onxo posts.

More and more, I'm beginning to see issue oriented tweets. Politics is very popular as are medical issues. Also, public updates are beginning to pop up on Twitter. In fact, one of the reasons I decided to write about this is because there is a dangerous wild fire north of LA. Bring in Mount Wilson are towers that are used by law enforcements, television and radio stations, and other communication means. Should those towers get overrun, many of the local news stations are advising their users to follow developments on Twitter.

Perhaps, more and more practical Twitter uses will reveal itself as the needs come. Maybe this is why Facebook bought Friendfeed, a popular Twitter competitor.

As for Facebook, it's a totally different creature. I'm not sure if it'll ever compete in the same arena as Twitter even with Friendfeed. Facebook is a social site. My Facebook use varies in frequency and need. I've noticed that is the same with my friends as well. It's something you check a couple of times a day. Perhaps when the Facebook app for the iPhone has the push notification function, the frequency may change.

For now, there isn't a lot of Twitter versus Facebook talk. They're not competitors and I don't see Facebook becoming a serious microblog competitor to Twitter in the near future either.

Note: Mine is Paul_Onxo

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