Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blocking Cyber Bulling?

Well, looks like this may be another revenue source for wireless providers like ATT and Verizon Wireless. O2 of Ireland is instituting a bully filter. It allows users to block unwanted wireless communications like text and video.

Call it bullying as Mobile Entertainment titled their post to be but it is so much more. More than just bullying, it allows the user to block incoming communications by specific numbers.

I think it can be so much more. Perhaps, they should allow people to the option of allowing certain communications to be deployed. For instance, during the last 2008 election in the US, users can opt to receive political messages via their cell phones or mobile devices. But suppose the Obama or the McCain campaign turned around and resold that information to another political entity or marketing firm, they would be able to bother the users with their own texts. I, for one, would like the option of blocking that before it even arrives on my phone.

Plus, at the risk of losing their lucrative revenue on texting, the wireless providers has an opportunity to provide this service for a nominal fee. Think of this as the 21th century version of caller ID and Do-Not Call feature.

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