Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy Mobile Week

With the long weekend, it was difficult to get back into the flow of mobile writing.  Mobile life was still lived.

The weekend saw me getting motion sickness on a train, warm weathers, and a lot of food.  But I think I got that out of my system now and just in time for more musing about the mobile world.

I'll get into the Apple event that was really a demo fest but it's Apple.  It's Steve Jobs and no one else can get that kind of press coverage.

Also, we saw movement in the WebOS market, specifically the Palm Pixi that will be introduced later this year.  Many folks contend that it is suppose to compete with the iPhone 3G.  I think Palm released it to stay alive.

And in my continue attempt to stay positive about the mobile providers, ATT is getting into the MyFavs game with their own offering.  Again more on that as things clear up.

I'll start providing more updates perhaps later tonight.  But before I go, I think we're going to see a busy fall with Android.  It's already crossed the 10K apps line.  It also saw a TV app, Facebook app, and a Pandora app.  Plus, Dave the mobile warrior informed me that Google Voice allows the user to be informed of an incoming SMS via Gmail since GV text are not pushed.  Great move, Google!

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