Does Everyone Need a Mobile Computing Device?

I had a discussion with a friend who is very tech savvy and knows a lot about OS, gadgets, etc, basically a lot what Onxo is about.  

I always enjoyed picking his brain on where things are headed in the mobile market and its impact on society and the things that drives and changes mobile behavior.  What surprised me was the question he posed.

He isn't sure mobile is for everyone.  Well, I tried to laugh it off by saying that sure, I knew a few elder folks who won't appreciate it but then I realized he was talking about himself.

We really got off track in technology and society after that revelation but I still have to wonder if he meant technology in general or just mobile tech.  After all, he mentioned his still will need his iMac and cable Internet so sort of gave me a clue into what he might mean.

I'm guess he was talking more about the iPhone he has.  Perhaps I caught him at a weak moment and I vowed to answer him when I drove home that day.  Then I got distracted by the sight of the mountains twenty miles away going up in flames and I dropped the matter.

But it's one I think we can explore a bit.  Who needs mobile?  And why?


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