Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GoSpoken - eBooks for Mobiles

Meet, a site that offers ebooks for mobile phones. Alright, there are ebooks already for mobile. For instance, ereader apps have been around in app stores like iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

However, I just happened on while reading about mobile ebooks. I was like what's that? Ebooks are suppose to be mobile. But Gospoken works differently.

For instance, it support a wide range of mobile phones and devices. You sign up, pay for the book, and download it onto your mobile. Once you purchase the book, you can also read the book on your PC via the browser

Oh, Gospoken also offer audiobooks. Kind of cool, eh? And if you think reading a book on a smallish screen isn't for you, don't tell the millions of Japanese mobile warriors who access novels and stories on their cell phones on a daily basis why they commute to and back from work and during lunch hours and breaks.

So, if you're not ready to jump into the smartphone or mobile device market and crave mobile reading, this could be your answer.

Note: I've got a G1 so I was not able to try it. However, if you're one of the lucky folks who has a phone supported by Gospoken, try it and let me know how it is. They've got free books you can download. In fact, you can download excerpts as for free.

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