Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hot Weekend, Need More Battery Life

I'm trying to hide from the heat this weekend by going to the mall, bookstores, and coffee shops.  Turning on the air conditioner in my home is just too much of a waste.  In my previous day trip a few weeks ago to avoid the heat, I took my laptop, iPod Touch, and G1.

The pressing issue is the battery life with my three mobile devices.  I've got the previous generation Macbook without the long-ish new battery scheme Apple gave to all of its new Macbooks so my battery life trails the current ones.

Therefore, rationing battery use is going to be the mobile behavior for the foreseeable future.  Even with extra batteries, that isn't going to really allow me to go through a full day of mobile use.  As you probably understand, when you're working and you're on a roll, you hate to stop so you can hunt for an outlet or stop working altogether because your device ran out of juice.

Hence, I'm forced to sit at a bistro table on a had chair near an outlet and not in one of those comfortable soft chairs with a nice view of the promenade with a nice pond.  Still, I'll be cool and comfortable while the temperature outside is over 100 degrees.

Perhaps, in six months or so, Apple or someone else will come out with that iTablet with a day long battery life that allows me to work as a heavy computer user wants to.  Otherwise, I may be looking at getting a reader like the Kindle with wireless access and put up with the slow speed and awkward design but pretty decent battery life.

Ah, the trade-offs a mobile warrior must make today.

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