Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Google Can Get Back At Apple: May Google Voice For the Mac

For Apple, it's about the users.  In recent years, it's about the mobile users.  But with the recent flap over Google Voice, ATT, and Google, Apple seemed to be on the defensive, this is especially true in light of the fact that Google's letter to the FCC demonstrated on the surface that Apple rejected Google's iPhone app for Google Voice.

This is still being sorted out by the FCC and the interested parties and there is no telling where it's headed.  While hopeful, I'm a bit concerned as well.  I'm not sure everyone has the mobile warriors' best interests at heart.  Perhaps the FCC has good intentions but we all know what good intentions really are.

So, if I'm Google, I'll create an Google Voice application or Dashboard app like this one (not an official Google app) for the Mac.  Make it work the way it was meant to on the iPhone.  Show the world, the iPhone users, what Google had intended for the iPhone users.

Integrated with Growl or other Google applications.

This will push pressure on Apple and its partners on GV.  I'm convinced Apple isn't alone in all this though it has no problems diminishing Google's growing mobile penetration.

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